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  • New Job - Flier/Flyer distribution


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    I propose a new job added such as handing out fliers to locals with the same animation as drug hand-offs. The payout should be similar to that of selling ice cream and tacos (with slightly less profit due to the lack of investment necessary for ice cream/taco trucks). Should be easy to implement since the animation and interactions are similar and would only require adding in a circle to pick up the flier job.

    EDIT: Also add a limit of a certain number of fliers before having to refill and allow NPCs to refuse the flier as well (like in real life).

    This will allow more immersion and force rp for drug dealing busts instead of the automatic assumption one is drug dealing with the drug hand-off. Forcing some verbal communication rather than simply a gun being drawn and pointed at the player suspect and a rapid "you're under arrest" -- no offense to some of the cops of course (but yes I am throwing some shade).

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    Additional suggestion.
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    Guest The_Vexxer

    If we were to implement that. It wouldn't change our procedure for identifying a drug dealer.

    • Drug Complaint Call with location
    • Hand off

    With those two criteria in place. We wouldn't detain based off the hand off alone.

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    The_Vexxer, I do not believe you would identify which player is handing off drugs or a flyer from 100 meters out simply from a "hand-off" animation and the protocol would change to add more questioning and investigation type of RP instead of a run or gun type of interaction.

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    34 minutes ago, Fezz said:

    Bring two people to the beach one sells fliers one sells drugs to throw off the cops? 😂

    That would be a good idea, it would encourage roleplay and teaming between players. The cop would likely need to tell both players that he is detaining them both for questioning and should they run he or she would pursue them whilst describing the other via radio to other cops ... or call for backup beforehand (even after witnessing the handoffs) to assist in the questioning so they're not outnumbered. The one who runs would be definitely show probable cause -- trying to flee to avoid being investigated for dealing drugs. The one who stays will have to finesse their way out of being searched I suppose if the 'description from locals' matches them.

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    I agree. Too many times we see the police and walk away which animation is not cancelled and then they roll up with guns. It is apparent that cop with spotted and normal reaction when cop is busted is to walk away cancel the transaction. Even if this is not implemented, cops should not have probable cause from watching someone from just handing something cause it could be a flier, piece of paper with a number. The probable cause is being exploited by police.

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