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  • The Immortals

    Guest Gustavo Garcia | Kevin Lomax

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    Guest Gustavo Garcia | Kevin Lomax

    The Immortals Family

    The Immortals Family was built with the blood, sweat, and tears of its four original members. These four are known as the greatest hustlers to ever grace the grounds of New York. They achieved their status by following a specific Code of Conduct. Many have speculated as to what this code consists of, but only the family members know the truth. They plan to use this code in an attempt to unify New York City, one Borough at a time.


    Gustavo Fring, also known as G, comes from the kind of background that does not keep records. Although he had a loving mother, his father was violent criminal. Because of this, he witnessed the execution of his mother and sister for crimes committed by his father. From that day forward, he vowed to never harm any women or children. This rule and many others followed him into his business ventures. These rules later became known as "The Code". Living by this code has earned him unlimited respect in New York. This respect is his currency. It is worth more than gold when given and a death sentence when taken.


    Joe Campos is from an honest, hard working family from Mexico. At a young age, he started hanging around people who were hard working, but not so honest. These very same people introduced him to the underworld. Over a short time, he became known as one of the largest drug distributors in Mexico. As the years passed, he began to catch the eye of the DEA. Because of this, he decided to take his money and relocate to New York City. His plan was to leave his life of crime behind and utilize his illicit earnings for a legal, fresh start! It was not long before he began to miss his old lifestyle. Lucky got Joe, he ran into Gus Fring. They both recognized each other from a prior business trip to Mexico. Gus offered Joe an opportunity to work for him. With some thought, he decided to venture back into the underground world of crime!


    Toni Riga is a former military man. He was apart of an elite group of men and women who have gone places and have done things that nobody will ever hear about. He has used almost every gun known to man in and out of combat. Very few people possess his weapon expertise. Prior to joining the family, Gus used to do business with Toni. It was this very business that earned Toni a spot in the ranks of the Immortals. He now supplies the heat for the family. He can get anything from an AK-47 to a Musket with one phone call. Toni always says: "It may only take one shot to kill someone, but it is nice to have a few extra just in case."


    Daniel Petrov was born and raised in New York City. At a young age, he worked at the local social club. He would watch the interactions of old the old school gangsters with and help the community. No matter what type of business they did, they made sure to take care of the community. Many people say this is the old way of doing things, but he believes this is how it should be done. Gus, DeAndre, and Toni all have the same belief. This is why Daniel heads the efforts to create a united community. Daniel hosts events throughout New York such as fight nights, car auctions, and races to bring everyone together. The four hope this will grow into something bigger than they could ever imagine, and Daniel plans to make that happen!


    Tony Rizzo was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He grew up in a traditional Catholic row home located in South Philadelphia. His father was a mailman and his mother was a housekeeper. The three of them attended church every Sunday, ate dinner together, and went on vacation once a year to Wildwood, New Jersey. They did not have much, but they were happy. However, Tony was attracted to the lavish lifestyle of the local gangsters. At the age of twelve, he was hired as a package runner at the local social club. His bosses name was Vincenzo Moretti. He was one of the most feared mafia enforcers in the United States. Moretti took Tony under his wing and showed him everything he needed to know about the La Cosa Nostra. With this knowledge, Tony rose to power as an associate of the Moretti Family. This caught the eye of Deandre Michaels. He offered Tony a chance to work for The Immortals. Eventually, Deandre introduced Tony to Gus Fring. They both decided to put Tony to the test and he passed with flying colors. Tony has now worked his way up the ranks of The Immortals to the position of Caporegime. His main job is to oversee specific areas of distribution and utilize his respect on the street to find up and coming soldiers and associates.

    Mikey Roca
    Alex Payne
    Reggie Williams
    Jimmy Choo
    Syn Winter


    Edited by Gustavo Garcia | Kevin Lomax
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