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    • *Owner

    Government auctions will continue as planned. But Ive seen alot of members holding auctions on threads. Although its fine to do, I was thinking, why not allow the system to be used community wide. So I have updated it a bit, included a feedback system as well. If the feedback system is abused, the person(s) abusing it will be removed no questions asked. We are adults here and hopefully can have some trust among each other to be honest and do the right thing. Trolling the system we put in place will not be tolerated, so please save yourself from the embarrassment and hassle of being removed from it.

    As of now guest cannot see or interact with the ads, Civilians cannot list items as of now. All other roles can participate in all activity such as listing items.

    A new community role will be made for the long standing members that do not have an additional role here, so they too will be able to post listings. Inquire within..

    Here are some rules.



    Rules of the Auction House


    • No fake posts- All posts are IN CHARACTER and all sales are to be considered legit. Any fake posts in the auction house will be dealt with accordingly.

    • Bids-These auctions will be taken seriously, assets can be purchased only with in game currency. You are responsible for your reply. If you can't afford it, then don't bid. If you bid and can't afford it, you will be left with negative feedback on your record.3 negative feedback's and you will not be able to participate in the government listings again. When you complete a purchase, a positive feedback will be left on your profile.

    • No scamming- do not bid unless you intend to buy the property, or asset. Do not show up and attempt to rob the seller. Doing so will be dealt with accordingly. Also all property will be turned over in a fair manner. No receiving the item/money and not giving the item/money.

    • Things you will see in auctions- These will consist of Homes, businesses and even cars of players that have been banned and have been inactive for X-amount of time


    The DOs of the Auction

    • Use whatever character is selling/purchasing the item.

    • Have the in game cash in hand when making the transaction

    • Keep your eyes posted on the City's forums for new and updated auctions and times

    • Leave feedback for each other after the transaction.

    The DONTs of the Auction

    • No scamming

    • No posting fake ads

    • No hate in the auction house. After all we are all here for the same thing. If you lose to someone, there's always a next time

    • DO NOT use the feedback system unless a transaction has taken place in the Auctions.


    Thanks to #b_rad114 for the help!

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    I'd say just keep the cars out of the game rather than auctioning someone who's banned or inactive's stuff off. Makes things even that much more rare and some people just need breaks due to personal reasons, work, health, etc. Not really fair to just dump their belongings cause they don't play as much. Just my 2 cents

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    • *Owner

    Totally understand. But inactive players would not loose cars on those accounts. But Businesses and homes are both limited and those items would be made available to other to RP with.

    If your banned permanently, your contents will be made available via the auction.


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    • *Owner
    6 hours ago, niteongb said:

    What about a house I'm living in with a buddy but he hasn't been on in ages ? Even know I use it ..will that be auction off ?

    That is a possibility. Same as if I own a house and live with my family but dont pay my mortgage. They evict everyone, not just the person who the house is under.

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