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The Killz Family (REVISED)

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The Killz Family History:

Coming from a broken and abusive home, The Killz children learned from an early age how to adapt quickly when things got tough. The oldest, Kennedy always felt the need to take control of every situation. After leaving behind his siblings and moving to New York in search of a better life for his family, he would slowly bring his siblings to New York. Veda would be the first to arrive. With the name Killz already being established in the city, Kennedy would call on his oldest brother Dexter to come to New York. Not long after and knowing the time was right, he would finally call on his last sibling, Karson to join them. The 4 siblings would go on to create a bigger name for themselves, with difficulties of course. The truth is that the history of The Killz family in New York is a hard one to explain. Having been in New York for such a long period of time and the citizens having changed multiple times, it's really hard keeping up. There has been love, heartbreak, money made and money lost, murder, and a lot of prison time. Their goal is to outlast even more families that come to New York and try to thrive, as they have for so long. If you don't already know us, You Will.


The Family:

Kennedy Killz - 1'st Born 

Veda Killz - 2'nd Born 

Dexter Killz - 3'rd Born

Karson Killz - 4'th Born

Lara Killz - Wife to Kennedy

Kaleb Killz - Son to Kennedy  (ate all of Kennedy's poptarts)

Cleo Killz - Daughter to Kennedy (deceased)

Riley Killz - Adopted Daughter to Kennedy

Chaz Killz - Cousin to the family (MIA)

Danny Killz - Cousin to the family  (MIA)



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