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The Ash Family

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The Ash Family



Origin: The Ash Family originated in Southern Texas. They were raised by their drug abusing parents Billy, and Mary Ash. Chase, Ben, Dylan and Tzar had to suffer through the loss of their mother Mary Ash due to substance abuse. Shortly after the loss of Mary, Billy checked himself into rehab in prospects to better his life and be a family man once and for all. Billy received a job offer from a long-time friend in the United Kingdom, which he kindly accepted causing the move of the whole family over to the United Kingdom. While in the United Kingdom, Billy met a beautiful woman by the name of Sophie Smith who he later decided to marry. During this loving relationship they had four children by the names of Zac, Jack, Connor, and Kevin. While attending High School, they loss their step mother and father due to a horrible car accident. This shocked the family and many couldn't deal with the stress of losing both parents in a matter of 10 years. The family had enough trauma for one life time, and decided to move in with their Aunt Peggy in New York City for a chance at a new life. Peggy was a hard-working nurse at Pillbox Hospital for 20 years before retirement due to the diagnosis of cancer. When all the brothers arrived in New York City Peggy decided to give them $500,000 followed with a quote which we always hold dear to us “Make me proud”.


What we do: The Ash Family isn't the brightest bunch of criminals but have managed to be quite successful in their business ventures around town. We enjoy pushing high quality narcotics around the streets of Staten Island keeping everyone happy. We tend to shy away from robberies and kidnappings as we find it bad for business and our family reputation however, we will not allow our name to be slandered or thrown down in the dirt. Normal day to day activities tend to be robbing stores & banks, cleaning money, selling guns, and hosting races / parties.

 Family Members

Ben Ash | Boss

Chase Ash | Chief of Operations

Tzar Ash | Family Organizer

Zac Ash | Head of Sales

Kevin Ash | Weapon Supplier

Dylan Ash | Enforcer

Jack Ash | Enforcer

Connor Ash | Enforcer

Henry Ash | Enforcer

Roberto Ash | Enforcer / Business Associate

Hannah Ash | Enforcer / Ben’s Wife



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