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  • local car chop shot missions


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    i been watching a lot of RPing servers but only playing on BCRP , i seen a chop shop mission and thought it was INSANELY fun looking , like you can't do it every minute maybe every 20 minutes but you get say like a mission from an illegal business call if you so desire it , and you have to lock pick a car and steal ibut like its not just a standard car , something like a modded car that you could sell for 10-30k maybe , just something to liven up game play

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    Similar to home burglary, I think it would be a cool addition to criminal RP rather than just guns and drugs.

    But rather than a one-off mission, I think adding 1-3 Chop Shop locations around the map but making them accept only certain makes/models for balance/realism purposes. Maybe the different locations vary in what vehicles they chop. Like Paleto only accepts off-road vehicles, the city only sedans, and maybe another location for more exotic/rare cars.

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