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  • Mechanic Impound idea


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    Ive noticed quite a bit that civilian truck drivers/courier trucks tend to be laying out in the road quite a bit. People break down and just ditch the truck. was thinking it might be helpful if vehicles of that size (since we cant load those on our flatbeds) could be impounded similar to how we impound vehicles on the shop property. the police have been quite busy with the population growth and i hate to bug them about it when its possibly something we can take care of..

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    also as a tow truck driver , how fast tow trucks gas gets sucked down is insane , every 10 blocks i have to load more fuel other wise i feel i wont make a far road trip , i tow out from palato (sp?) shop 1 , and coming down to the city kills me . its a fun experience talking and shooting the shit with people but i need to gas 2 times to make it to the city , then i can't charge the customer that gas money , as a tow truck driver i can't even refuel which i find is a big issue as well (unless i use a repair kit)

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