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  • No hospital timer for when you respawn?


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    well when EMS is on , you wait up to 500 seconds , while on the ground , then they can diagnose you when are hurt more , so like yesterday doing 200mph i got FULL SEND out my car and rolled around and smacked a tree then ran over by locals , made me wait 650 sec's which i think is 10 minutes... was soo bored , friends came in and busted my balls to hah

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    Guest Xavier SpringField

    I think it's more of a cool down timer for RDM/VDM insanity and people going back for revenge nearly instantly. Would be nice to have it dropped to 5 minutes with no EMS. maybe? 

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    • *Senior Management

    The point of increasing this was to make people value their life. If you think about it. If someone goes man i want to try to shoot this person but i don't know if im going to win....well i don't want to wait all that time in the hospital if i die. So im not going to attempt it. If we lower it then people aren't going to care about going to the hospital because it's such a small amount of time and then they are back running around.

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