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  • can we move the "no call waiting" text


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    can we move the text where Incoming messages for tow truck driving and i think maybe taxi i haven't tried that to see where it is moved

    as im new to tow trucking and really enjoying it , i find its hard to notice the "No call waiting" change to 1 call waiting as its right over another text for the streets

    the attached image is what im talking about . can it be  moved maybe ABove that text or above the engine / mph would feel even better

    when im sitting still its fine as the street's arnt changing so its almost a non-issue , but when im driving around the streets are consequently changing and its a little harder to drive , watch the road, watch my MPH and attempt to stay road legal , frankly i'd love to see a MPH speedo in the center bottom of the screen sense i been pulled over for running red lights while trying to maintain speed . i'v also crashed and killed my self a few times while speeding trying to watch my MPH hah but thats a different story



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