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  • just a question on getting cars upgraded


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    when you buy a car its stock , and when you bring it to a painter you can only do cosmetics

    when you bring it to a mechanic and get a "full upgrade" what does this upgrade entail ?

    like in GTAO does this include such as turbo , engine mod , trans mod , susp mod, and spoiler mod? i only ask cause i had a car modded today but it honestly felt the same speed as before and i am in no way saying i was jipped it makes the whoosh noise but just don't feel faster

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    Hey Buddy How's It Going? First of all car performance upgrades are done by actual players who have the Mechanic job. You;ll usually see them tweet or you can ask in tweets if there is a mech on in your city. I'm currently in the Bronx and can help you out with the upgrades as for the cost to full upgrade a vehicles performance the going rate is at 95k. Hope i helped you out man.

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    Hello, what us mechanics do is upgrade the engine, transmission, turbo, brakes, and lower the vehicle for you. We also can change cosmetics on the car or bike for you as well! Cars are 95k and Bikes are 90k hope this helped you out!

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