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  • lack of mechanics


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    so i noticed over the last few days of playing that there is a large lack of mechanics . and when you go to a mechanic shop it lists 1 owner

    is there a way to implement a system so that more then one business owner can own a shop, but first ones on have priority , or have it set up like a time based job where

    owner A works from say 8am east to 3pm east, then the 2nd owner has rights to run shop and if shop owner A is not on then B can run the shop but if shop owner A shows up with in his time frame then owner B has to close up with in a half hour till shop owners A time limit is reached?

    i only ask cause i play mainly on the Bronx server *in fact i dont think i logged into the other severs* but for about my total game time which might be 12 hours , i have seen only 1 guy online , and sense then have seen numerous people asking and i had to log 6 hours+ today and seen no one advertising but many asking

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    They are hiring a lot of mechanics and some mechanics like myself hop around servers all day, I haven't gotten into the bronx today because of queue but I am in queue for lower Manhattan and plan to hop later tonight when it gets a little later when queues are lower.

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    My shop is very active in every borough we try to be everywhere we can, we all stay in the borough for around 1,5 - 2 hours and then move on to another one and we communicate where everyone is going to make sure we are not all in the same borough. Currently my shop roster is full but there are a few shops there are hiring mechanics at the moment and i would love to see some more mechanics myself.

    Greetings James Brody

    Shop Owner J & R Customs ( Mechanic Shop 3 )

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    I have emailed plenty of shop employee's/owners lately and no one has emailed me back im sure they get nailed with emails though so its understandable. hoping to hear back soon so i can set up an interview

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