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💸 Shooter Clout 🤑

Born and raised in the 2764.png of NYC with the rest of his brothers, Shooter Clout is back once again from a long federal deportation. For those of you who don't know, this is someone who grew up a f*ckin' screw up, got introduced to the game, got an ounce and f*ckin' blew up. He seeks no other place to return than his hometown, New York City. A major case that was built up on him by a fraudulent government official caused the most notorious criminal in the city streets of New York to be THE ONLY PERSON wanted dead or alive by the NYPD (New York Police Department)FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), NSA (National Security Agency). All of the above. You name it, they wanted him. While still having close connections with business associates that remained in the city during his time away, he seeks to regroup with his family and tread the city streets carefully to chase what he seems to call, "the bag". Stepping over this man's toes in the work force should be something that everyone in town should be afraid of doing. That would be disrespect to the King of New York. 👀👑

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