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  • Question about Police and Ems on different servers

    Deebo Jackson

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    So I have only played one server, #3, which is now Manhattan. I have about 10 hours played so far and I am loving it. The only problem I have encountered is the lack of paramedics and police officers. I play usually around 9pm eastern until usually 5 or 6am. (yes i am hooked lol) but in this time I have only come across two police officers and one paramedic.

    With the number of active police officers directly correlating with being able to do certain things and the amount of money you can make, along with general RP aspects (following traffic laws, risk taking, etc) it tends to lead to a neutered role playing experience.

    I understand you have closed whitelisting and are working through numerous applications and I hope to see an influx of DOJ in the near future.

    My question since there are now 7 servers, do certain servers tend to have a higher population of law enforcement? Does anyone frequent a server that usually has an active police presence? I would be willing to wait through longer queue times if it means active DOJ.

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    Overall, I think we are actively trying to grow the size of the force to help alleviate this problem. 

    From what I have seen, police try to stick to a server with at least one other officer on duty. Being alone in a city can be very dangerous for a police officer as I am sure you can imagine. 

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    • 2 weeks later...

    Just a suggestion- I think the best way to alleviate the lack of officers is to either have two officer in each city at one time or have the officers jump from server to server every 30 minutes or so to cover all 7 boroughs


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    Also to note, that each incident takes time to see through properly. While this is occurring, we have multiple other incidents that arise.

    This is partially why I’m not fond of the priority calls for robberies. It often detracts from a scenario in progress, and by the time you arrive the scene is clear, and your time role playing consumed, or it leads to a shootout, detracting from roleplay.

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    4 hours ago, Savvyge said:

    64 player slot servers

    i would LOVE to see this but i heard stability issues are real with 64 mans , then with 64 man i feel it would need to be white listed which i play here cause there is no white list , im not  good at RPing 100% and im pretty new to it and not having to jump through loops and bounds just to play with people who are not try hard GTAO ass clowns is nice , i'd rather play on RP servers cause i really enjoy driving in GTA , also recently got a job in game as a tow truck driver working up to mechanic and the RP has been fun but i found a little slow when your jusr a tow truck driver

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