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    Hi everyone my name is Devin "Darrell Phillips" Walters but everyone who are my friends call me by Jet, JBS, or the full name. I'm a graphic artist, animator, 3d designer and I took college courses in computer design, web page design, and visual arts. 

    I used to work full time as a inventory driver (from the hours of 3am till almost midnight) till some close friends got together and got me working at twitch full time. I'm male, 28, and I like to consider myself a good role model. I'm not married nor have any kids. [Thankfully >.<]

    I variety stream alot of games (over almost 700 titles on steam alone), I even got a sweet gig with developers getting to play new and exciting games that might get to come out and give them my honest review. I even sell copies of the games I like to play on my stream store if you all get curious, but I recently came across playing GTA RP a while back but the server I normally go to is still up but it's abandoned. I came across this site and its servers and figured I'd give it a shot. So far the last few days have been medial but deep down I have seen some really great roleplays come from this site and the servers it provides and hopefully would like to one day throw my hat in the circle to help support it in my own way.

    So hopefully if you ever get to meet me in the server come check my shows out and have a good time. Maybe even get a free game while you're there.

    Hope to see you all out in the big city!



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