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The Colombo Family


Who were we?

Originally founded in Villabate, Sicily, Italy, the Colombo family has been a long standing empire within their own right. Being well respected in Italy for their business practices, the family was one of five that ran a highly profitable olive oil business for over three decades. That is, until an event known as the fallout.

The current generation of the Colombo are descendants of the founders. The Sicilian family has since been disbanded, but upon moving to the great land of opportunity, the remaining Colombos desired to restart their family's pride and honor.


Who are we now?

Upon arriving in New York, the Colombo family almost immediately set off on honest, hard work. Some of the Colombo family set in as Pharmacists, some as postal workers, and some as Truckers. Before too long, they almost unanimously moved into more risky business in items that were considered less than lawful by some. The Colombo family has continued to add to their numbers and craft alliances to the point that the Colombo family may very well be the largest family in New York (unconfirmed). The Colombo family has since grown quite reputable among friends, and to enemies, very noteworthy. At the end of the day, the Colombo family consider themselves respectful businessmen, even to their enemies and police. 

Every member, regardless of connection, is referred to as a brother. They've decided that rather than the dated practice of a monarch figurehead, the group adopts a more democratic approach to group decisions, despite still having a "boss". It is unknown if the original members are truly brothers or simply distant cousins who adopted the Colombo last name, but the family has grown close, not just with its members, but others from all walks of life, preparing its members for all facets of the city. The Colombo family now desires big business, but also creating opportunities for those both in and outside of the family to be a part of a bigger plan.


What is our code of ethics?

The Colombo family is, and will always be, a respectful democracy of businessmen. Their most important consideration will always be the well being of their family members, followed then by the well being of their allies, and finally their business assets themselves.The Colombo family has a mistrust of the legal system, considering them to be misguided and nosey, but has a level of respect for their members with the potential of use when necessary (or rather, required). For small person gangs, the Colombo family withdraws their involvement completely. For individual merit and desires, the Colombo family has great care for and usually try to consider, so long as the wants and needs do not violate the family's interests.

The gun, ultimately, is a tool. The tool is used by the individual. If an individual can not first master his own self control, then how can one be expected to be in control of the tool. Perhaps it is the tool that controls him.

The Colombo family's stance on the use of guns are typically reserved for only absolute necessary situations. The Colombo always calls upon his brothers before making use of a gun unless his life is in immediate danger, to which, he traditionally still calls on his brothers. Respect is well within the Colombo's code of ethics, and all decisions regarding the use of a gun outside of the previous reason are typically made as a group. Each member holds the other accountable. Because of this, the Colombo family has thrived and grown larger than they originally ever could have thought.


NEWS HEADLINES: Huge Traffic Collisions, Colombos Involved? Possible Deaths

For final release following NDA, on the first of June, 2019, a 16 car pileup, one of the largest this city has ever seen, occurred in the Hills of this fine city. Residents reported gunshots, claims of automatic weaponry, and many, many explosions. Police arrived on the scene and found gunshot wounds in the Colombo Family Head's house, registered to a mister Anthony Colombo. No bodies were ever recovered, only the remains of mister Colombo's blue Ford Mustang. The Colombo house since layed vacant, albeit many bullet holes in the masonry of the house from the presumed battle which occurred on that day, until finally seized and repossessed due to long since unpaid property taxes. It is unclear if any of the former Colombo family were killed in the action and the bodies disposed of, or if they simply managed to escape to live out the rest of their lives celebrating the successes obtained under mister Colombo's leadership. The citizens of this city have each formed their own conspiracies on the whereabouts of each of the former Colombo family, but according to an anonymous letter addressed to this news station found this morning, one of the last remaining original Colombo, Jimmy Colombo, has since taken the mantle of Don (Boss) in Anthony's absence. Since then, he has taken up the remains of the Colombo assets and formed his new famiglia, donning his brother's original last name. What may come is still yet to be seen, but stay reading dear reader, the future has yet to be written.


Current Members

Immediate Family

Don Jimmy Colombo - Family Boss, Head of Family

Alexis Colombo - Matron Head of Family

Joshua Colombo

Benjamin Colombo

Harold Colombo

Tommy Colombo - Keeper of Records (Location Unknown)


Surrogate Brothers:

Vince Bellatoni

Anthony Bellatoni



The Bellatoni Family


Famiglia Deceduta (Location Unknown)

Anthony Colombo - Former Beloved Boss

Ricardo Colombo - Former Head of Operations

Graham Colombo

Donnie Colombo

Enzo Colombo

Tim Colombo

Jamal Charles

The Romano Family

The Barone Family


Edited by Tommy Colombo
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1 hour ago, Joey Pastrami said:

legitimate workers


1 hour ago, Joey Pastrami said:

understanding family,


1 hour ago, Joey Pastrami said:

respect the feds as an organization with a noble intent

As YoU cAn SeE yOu ArE vErY rEsPeCtaBlE.....



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4 hours ago, Ronnie Romano said:

We the Romanos not Ramono much love tho ❤️


My fault Ronnie! This whole thread is going to be reworked here probably later today. I'm wanting to maybe get a group picture of everybody and rewrite the bio :P It's kind of old and outdated now.

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7 minutes ago, Joey Pastrami said:

My fault Ronnie! This whole thread is going to be reworked here probably later today. I'm wanting to maybe get a group picture of everybody and rewrite the bio :P It's kind of old and outdated now.

ye its all good just joking with ya. We defiantly need a group picture with everyone  

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Guest J Farmer

If you need a lawyer on retainer let me know I do contracts as well we do group discounts as a per monthly basis just send me a message for details we also can do NDAs and act as a diplomatic connection with other associations 

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