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    • *Owner

    - Things are only displayed while driving a car. ( Street names, map, and time included). Hint: Press P or Esc to check your map.

    - Added a fuel gauge, added an RPM gauge.

    - Changed Engine/Seatbelt indicators to text. 

    - Money is automatically hidden. Do /cash to display. 

    - Removed hunger and thirst bars. They are notified via chat messages. 

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    Regarding the Thirst and Hunger - when we receive those chat messages, can you tell us in relation to the bar we were use to, how hungry and thirsty we are? Ex: When we receive that notification now does that mean half of our bar is gone? Or do we just eat and drink and we will be notified when we are full?

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    22 minutes ago, Christian Kipp said:

    they only problem ive seen so far is that when im on duty as a cop the street names are blocked for me 


    Noticed that as well, hopefully Nardah or Gramps can move it soon

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