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  • Zayn Mylo

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    Where are they from?

    Jake Kaine was born in a small British town somewhere in the Yorkshire Dales. Moving over to New York in September 2017.

    How long you been in this city?

    September 2017

    What are they interested in doing here in the city?

    Making new friends and living his dream of living in New York.

    Do they have a job?

    He worked as a courier at the moment for Go-Postal. However is looking to become a mechanic in the future thanks to his love of cars and bikes a like. 

    Favorite hobbies?

    As he was a dirt biker back in Yorkshire where he was becoming semi pro, Jake loves to ride around on his Pegassi Esskey, through the mountains. He is also really into his muscle cars so he loves to work on it in his spare time. He will also go hunting from time to time, either one his own to improve his skills or go with friends and show his skills off.

    Character Storyline?

    He joined came to the city in September in 2017.
    Joined the NYPD in October 2017. Was fired from the NYPD at the start of December 2017 as an Officer II.
    Joined NYPD again late
    December 2017. Left NYPD February 2018 as an Officer I.
    Joined EMS February 2018. Left EMS March 2018 as a Lieutenant.
    Joined NYPD June/July 2018. Left NYPD July 2018 as an Officer II.
    Changed Name to Zayn Mylo
    Joined NYSP May 2019. Left NYSP in June as Trooper II in July.
    Joined NYSP November 2019. Divisions combined in March 2020. 
    Left NYPD for the final time August 2020.

    Joined NYPD January 2021.

    Fired from NYPD July 2021.
    Joined the DOJ as an Attorney August 2021.
    Promoted to ADA September 2021.

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