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    • *Owner

    Scrolling around the web I came across this tutorial, credits to whoever originally wrote it up, im not certain, but this has made a tremendous difference in gaming online, night and day performance difference in FiveM.

    Regardless if you play in either of our servers, East Coast / West Coast, PC performance will be extremely better!


    - Issue Description -
    Some of you know or have had issues with the user interface lagging at times even when your game is running smoothly.
    This is highly annoying especially for LEO players or other jobs that use the MDT, it can be unbearable. But regardless,
    has disadvantages for all persons suffering from this issue while other persons who are not.

    Example: You have to bandage yourself after a shootout but bleed out and "die" due to UI lag while others survive because they don't suffer the problem

    The main issue is high GPU usage with it sitting at 99% at all times. The main cause could be usage of a visual mod like NVE or QuantV
    or your PC is a potato.

    Currently FIX 2 is for NVIDIA GPUs only.

    - Fix 1 -
    One way you can maybe solve this issue is to:
    1) Start FiveM.
    2) click on the COG wheel at the top left to go to settings.
    3) Click the box labeled NUI in-process GPU.


    4) Restart FiveM.

    - Fix 2 - (fix 1 may also be included with fix 2)

    1) Open the NVIDIA Control Panel.


    Make sure you are in Manage 3D Settings and click on Program Settings.


    2) Click ADD and search for the following in the picture: (I recommend starting up FiveM and run around in a server for a minute)
    3) Once all of these are added select them in the drop down menu to select the program.
    4) When you have one selected go to the Settings for this program section and search for Max Frame Rate.
    - set all of the programs to 60 or higher within reason and click apply or it will not save.


    5) Once all programs are set to the desired frame rate start FiveM press F8, click on overlays and click Draw Performance
    - use this to monitor your GPU usage (second to last box) if it well below 99% then it worked.
    repeat step 5 to hide the performance UI

    For AMD GPUs try just limiting your FPS to 60 and see if this works no fix for AMD atm.

    Enable/Unlock all CPU Cores for Windows:
    NOTE: works for BOTH: AMD/INTEL
    1. Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWfajZ7Lr5M.]

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