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  • Vehicle value from a performance standpoint


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    As many people have discovered, the Tropos is the absolutely most unbalanced vehicle in the city. Around 300k for the vehicle and a 150k tune with some offroad tires and you get a beast that goes over 150mph, rarely breaks, has insane handling and amazing offroad capabilities.


    It essentially makes any high-end vehicle feel lackluster compared to this 500k absolute rocketship of a road legal vehicle.


    From a value perspective, there is no reason to purchase vehicles at 10x or 100x the price, since the Tropos keeps up with both the Audi R8 and the Koenigsegg CCX with no issue, in addition to the offroad capabilities that the Tropos will always surpass them in.


    The CCX being a 55 million dollar car in the city, also being one of the fastest production cars of its era feels so lackluster with a topspeed of barely 150mph+, seeing as how a car that costs a literal fraction of the cost outperforms it in nearly every aspect.

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