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  • Let's fix prison (from a 9's inmate)


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    I have been in for 9's for a while now, that is all I am going to say about that, I am just using this as a point to say I have seen what the current prison is like, and theres barely anything to do. Besides trash, a broken water pipe, food, and weights, you are just stuck in a science fiction movie-level maximum security prison. There's practically no way for one to get out, nowhere to go, and you are just stuck in a broken waiting and looting cycle. The prisoners who are in there for short times use it as a period to just look around for weapons parts, and the others just sit there and stare at a wall or they just leave and do it some other time. 
    Lets bring back the old prison, the one with a boiler room, showers, and even solitary. That would make the place so much more lively, in the laundry room prisoners with longer sentences were able to change into proper prison attire (if they had a tie or other bizarre clothing items), you were able to plot escapes, build gangs, learn who the actually bad prisoners were through solitary. It was a whole different system inside the city that provided its own rp. Now, its purgatory. People don't even try to do a fraction of the rp because their sentences are too light and 9's don't exist anymore. 
    The amount of time it takes to craft a shank in prison is broken as well, so unless you have 9's, you would need a team of people to even have a chance at creating one. I am not joking when I say I have spent almost half a dozen 2-3 hour showers just to barely scrape by a toothbrush, and even if you are lucky enough to build a shank, you will lose it if you fly out. So you have to run around with the materials just all jangling around in your pockets.
    People can parkour outside of the prison's main yard, but if they get to close to the outside gate that's when they get shot. there are just too many faults in the current prison system, its like a magical force instead of a realistic institution. Every minute you spend in prison you risk just dying because either local inmates are trying to gang up on you (which I actually find fun but can find annoying as well), or just dying of dehydration because for some reason you get a shot-sized water cup along with your burger. 


    Just do something to liven up the conditions in prison,
    - Instead of weapons parts make it a higher chance to get drugs inside of prison, because that actually makes sense.
    - Build a crafting station so people can make shanks, cheap newspaper body armor, and even weirder stuff like prison wine or spice.
    - Make a space where prisoners can change their clothes, so crews can form inside of prison (shirt tucked, just tank top, shirt mask)

    - And finally, let them smoke. It's insane that cigarettes are banned in a place where they could be made currency for RP inside of prison.


    I love this community, and even in its darkest spaces I believe there should be some kind of life to it. It is a tear in my soul that I just go in there to check my phone for my lawyers messages and then go right to sleep after, when I know in the past on another 9's arrest I was so caught up in the actual rp there that getting out was a secondary priority. There was gang violence, media would come to do reports, and the guards were either super kind and helpful or the cruelest person you met that day, and if you were the roughest one in the block you would be up in solitary having rumors and legends spread about you. It was as real towards prison rp that we have ever been, and I don't know why it changed.

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