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    Hey Everyone! 


    We, Victoria & I, will be reworking the clothes, not only in the West Coast (2.0) but in the East Coast (1.0) as well. If you have any suggestions on clothes, hairs, accessories, & shoes, please let us know what you would like to see. 


    FYI - we will only be working on the female section as of now in 2.0, but males are welcome to give suggestions just in case that changes.

    - We will be working on Female & Male clothes, hair, accessories, & shoes in 1.0. 


    Another FYI - There will be some exclusivity to clothing/hairs/accessories/shoes, in 2.0 than in 1.0. You are more than welcome to suggest which server you would like to see it in & we will try our best to accommodate. 


    Thank you!



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    2 hours ago, kezzabear said:

    Long hair with styles, and evening ware, long boots, really anything better that what we got.  ;)


    If you can send links of items you would like to see, that would be amazing!!!

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    2 hours ago, Wyolkens_ said:

    Baggy clothes, More Dragon ball z shirts (or more anime shirts mostly dbz) (Bands on a shirt like Linkin park, sum 41, etc) id mostly would like to see it in 1.0 tbh and more Jordans please and thank you lol.

    If you can send links to examples, that would be perfect!!!

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    All the clothing options for both character types are amazing as is, hoping all the current ones make it over. 

    • The custom clothing is usually the best in the city, especially because of how dark the custom leggings/pants can be for camo, plus obviously the wide variety is nice and it allows people to get really creative, even with the costumes (aliens, superheroes etc), dresses and general clothes that don't get worn often.
    • Would like to see a tad more in the mask/face accessory stuff, like earpieces, nightgoggles, headbands etc. We have most of this stuff of course, but the little things like eyepatches, scarring. I know a few people already who look funky in 2.0 cause their exact facepaint/hair/face isn't available yet, this will happen and I know its being worked on.
    • Another huge thing, I understand how server plugins work (barely but bare with me) but it is the tiniest bit disappointing and confusing to see certain clothing items disappear without being in patch notes. There are, in a good way, a ridiculous amount of custom clothes but if there is any way to make it in 2.0 so that this doesn't need to be the case that would be really cool. I understand I might be late to the punch with that point but ah well. (EDIT: forgot the whole point here was basically, if stuff gets removed to make room for custom clothing so be it, but just hoping that can be avoided with the new framework)

    That's about all I can think of off the top of my head, good stuff already here though just thought I'd add my 2 cents.


    -C-29/Reynold Braun

    Edited by Bask
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