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  • Paddy McMannus (West coast/2.0)

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    Paddy Mcmannus.


    Paddy was born in Ireland on 26-12-1986. Growing up in the city of Kilkenny. Paddy had a disturbing youth where his parents did not take care of him. Often, Paddy had no food for him, he would receive whatever breadcrumb was left. At the age of 10 Paddy was extremely underweight; all his clothes where ripped and torn, Paddy never went to school, surviving on the streets. Paddy would often get into fights, getting into trouble; but he would always beg to get away with it. 

    Paddy's parents both suffered from addictions. Alcohol and substance abuse was the only common thing in the McManus household. 



    The police, often found paddy in the street, called Social Services. Social Services were able to step in and demanded, via a court order, that Paddy’s parents would give him up for adoption. A Dutch (ew why) family unable to get children of their own adopted paddy. Whether Paddy wanted to, he was forced to move to the big city of Amsterdam, leaving the people he considered as friends behind in Ireland. 


    In Amsterdam Paddy was adopted by the family named Janssen. They owned a bar in the center of Amsterdam called Janssen & Jansen. They were more than financially capable to take care of Paddy. Until the age of 13, Paddy was Home Schooled to catch up on his lack of schooling and to learn the Dutch language. Paddy was never an indoor kid; between the home school classes he was always on the street playing outside. Paddy made new friends that showed him the way around Amsterdam.


    At the age of 14 Paddy was hustling in the streets, he started pickpocketing for the excitement the extra cash was also a bonus for Paddy. Even at 14, Paddy wanted to earn more money, so he decided to help out tourists that were lost, showing them around various places. This helped Paddy as a lot of the tourists he helped would give him money in return. Paddy would help in Amsterdam’s Red Light District; getting food or drinks for the ladies working the windows they would always give him some extra cash as a show of ‘thank you’.


    At the age of 16, Paddy discovered the family bar. He started hanging out in the bar, quickly discovering that the family bar had a lot of criminal activity. Plans for bank robberies, Drug Trafficking and Human Trafficking . Everything was discussed there. 

    As he was the Son of the Bar owner, everyone kept giving him drinks, trying to be on his fathers ‘Good Side’, this quickly lead into alcoholism, just like his original Irish parents. 



    At 19 he turned into a well-known-face in the Amsterdam crime scene, Heavy alcoholism and willing to do anything for the alcohol. Some of his bar friends told Paddy to beat up some guy in trade for heavy liquor. Dumb enough, Paddy did just that. He took a baseball bat and waited for the right moment to come. Eventually the time was right, Paddy beat the person savagely, leaving him on the cold floor in a bloody mess. A medical team rushed the person to the Amsterdam medical center. After everything they did to help, the person ended up in a coma. What the bar friends never told Paddy is that the person he beat senseless was Joey Sleegers; the number 1 Ecstasy kingpin in Amsterdam.

    Paddy was arrested hours later by the Amsterdam police department and the judge sent him to 10 years in jail on the charges of aggravated assault and attempted murder. 


    In prison Paddy got time to reflect on all his sins, he became sober, shook the ‘demon’ called alcoholism off him. His Dutch parents often visited him. The people he thought were his friends never came to visit, he felt betrayed, disappointed in his so-called ‘friends’. Paddy just wanted to forget them. 



    10 years later, now 29, Paddy finally set foot outside Prison. His parents picking him up and taking him back to the Janssen & Jansen bar. During the coming home party, friends of Joey Sleegers came for revenge. They did a drive by shooting at Janssen & Jansen bar. Hitting his adopted mother in the neck, sadly she passed away bleeding-out on the old, wooden bar floor; the bullet hit his mother’s carotid artery, severing it completely.



    After this horrific ordeal, Paddy kept receiving death threats from Sleegers’ friends, who vowed to take his life. Paddy was shook up and scared for his and his adopted father’s lives.

    Paddy decided to do the best thing he figured he could do. Flee. Leaving everything behind and hope for the best.


    He went to Schiphol airport and flew to America for a fresh start, fresh life. Nobody knows Paddy here. Paddy travelled through America for a couple of years, flying under the radar. Eventually Paddy decided to open a bar for himself. Possibly continuing his adopted Fathers legacy, as well as remembering his adopted Mother. The question that remained; should he continue to use Janssen & Jansen or should Paddy choose a different name for his bar. 


    Stepping off the plane he knew immediately.

    This is it. This is home. Time for Paddy to find a spot and use his last savings to see if he can open up the bar he dreamt of.




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