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Additional Police MDT stuff

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The MDT area has nearly replaced our spreadsheet system and believe me, it's unbeatable. However, here's a list of things I'd like to see added:
-Traffic Infractions. We still have to use the database on Google to do these.
   Suggested location in the menu: MDT Area>Charges>Add Charges>Traffic Infractions

-Ride-along hour tracking. Warrants used to only be for supervisors, now anyone can do them. Same should be for any FTO.
   I suggest adding in an Officer II + FTO job and same for other ranks. It should be made from 2 additional tabs on the main screen of the MDT Area>MDT, making it a total of 6. I would base it off of the Warrants system and allow anyone to edit an entry so we don't have 1000 records for one cop. It would also end the "How many hours do you have?" question and allow easier tracking of the cadets.

-Misdemeanors needs to be checked out. Everything's fine.... except we're missing a few. I know for a fact that a missing one is Criminal Mischief.

-A way to pick the warrant associated with an arrest when using Enter an Arrest. I usually check to see if a warrant's active by seeing if the person has been arrested for what's on their warrant(s). This feature would remove the warrant automatically.

Any others that I have will be posted later. I hope to see these added in :)

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