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  • Unfair action. Admin abusing their authority to belittle in-city players


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    When I asked about just some more variety of clothing and stated I've had 2 female friends leave the server for that exact reason. I was told my comment was ignorant and then two admin proceeded to insult my intelligence because I told one of the two admin that how she was using the word ignorant. Ignorant means by definition lacking knowledge or awareness. at what point was I lacking knowledge or unaware of my own friends leaving said server and complaining that they are not coming back because there is no style. to follow other admin and people who just want recognition wanted to comment to support what she said just because of who the admin was. I will not and most definitely ever allow ANYONE to talk to me or insult me from a suggestion especially over a silly videogame. I didn't care about how many clothing items are available. after Crunch then posted something that was actually needed which was an explanation everything was right again. but then again someone wanted to sneak in a comment saying, " I felt what was said earlier was echoed". like you could have left it at that. Again, I will not allow anyone to silently or publicly insult me for gain. I apologize for my words of choice and do not think violence is in any way the appropriate action to take in any situation. if I am banned also ban the others involved for abusing their power so they can speak to anyone that isn't admin or "known" in the city. I was treated unfairly. I was disregarded and no resolve was offered to me of the opposing party. I'm sure this all will get taken down and or banned or disregarded as well. I mean hey it was done bluntly right in my face. My voice doesn't matter according to admin. 

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    • *Owner

    I don't know the whole conversation that took place, but I can tell you, no one was abusing any powers. After I simply made the post in response to the subject, I ask for everyone to stop and move on, suggestions and stuff related to things like this are better talked about in an open forum, rather then discord general.

    You decided to respond with some "Dick Rider" comment, which I took offense to and simply kicked you from the discord.
    Like anyone else, people are open to their own opinions, even an admin.
    I too would find it pretty funny someone leaving an entire community of role play because they don't think we have enough cool clothes.

    It is what it is and that is the choice of those people, nothing I would hold against anyone, if another server has better shirts and pants? by all means, go for it!


    Anyway closing this thread as it is absolutely pointless.

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    • Crunch locked this topic
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