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    you should make a tutorial area for new chars/players that show u how to use all equipment and what buttons to press as this is serious rp someone whos new may not know the buttons and someone who is rusty may want to revisit it should not disclose locations but it should show u how to use radios, use a lock pick, use a phone, atm, /me etci know the city has always been a figure it out for urself server and a serious rp server but when someone says show me ur license and u got hmm im just trying to remember how to do that irl its in ur wallet in game u press a few buttons but if u haven't figured it out people tell u to flex the m muscle etc to help u which breaks the rp a little which is fine but should not be necessary. give us the tools and rp can grow easier and better.


    also there should be a sound test room as some times headphones just gives the fuck up.

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