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  • Privatized healthcare anyone? ;)


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    What is more american than anything you know? Privatized healthcare. so why not bring that to the city, allow for people to train in the medical field to pursue their own freelance practices without being tied to a government job to do it. All respect to the fdny and ems, but aren't we a bit sick and tired of abusing them after some gangbangers just hit a constant assault against their enemies leaving the fdny/ems to clean it up? why not let some people run backdoor doctors offices, where after shootouts and situations where ppl dont want to go to a hospital, they can go to this place instead. it also evens out how often police and ems would respond to constant calls since if this were implemented a lot of scenes would come up empty. I don't know just a thought, like those ambulances that get hired to deliver people to the hospital but don't work for them, or like doctors who practice in different medical fields in city that would be really helpful. because in recent years the only way to get a doctor's opinion was to go to fdny/ems to see if they had one around. again this is something that is meant for the highest respect of fdny/ems, it would just be more real if doctors were also in other places. 

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    I think this would be great.  Maybe a "Veterinarian" class of doctor who operates out of backrooms.  You would still need the ability to actually pick your friends up if they're downed and toss them in a car...but I can see the potential if you're shot once or twice, bleeding and speeding to make it to some shady doctor instead of ending up in the bed beside the same police you just shot it out with. 

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