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    There are objects that can be used for simple tasks in the city, but various players around have created a market for items that are rare because of a number of reasons, either they were time sensitive or part of an old business, but they exist nonetheless. What if every business in the city were to have fabricator-type workbenches or tables in each establishment that allowed players to create their own items by putting a name on it, adding an image to it for the pocket purposes, and a function for it even. Many businesses wud need this for a multitude of reasons. whether it is the burgershot trying to make signature meals, or the new italian join making one of their specialty dishes, or even humane labs where all sorts of new devices are created. But the main problem overall when trying to implement something physically new to the city is trying to get the staff to actually bring it in, with a fabricator that process can be overlooked to mainline rp to reach its truest potential. if every person could create misc items for smaller businesses an infinity of doors would open for future businesses. please consider.

    a lab that has remained untouched by the city for the years it has been here, it is very limited on what can be done there. it is just a hallway with some closed off rooms on the tour, and the elevator to the basement doesnt even work. with the hospital at mount zonah opening up, and all these newer buildings opening up like the italian joint, don't you think humane's entitled to a rework? the only way to conduct rp there is with /me, but if tables or patient beds or private rooms were added that would help so much, and using the same script on the elevator that mt. zonah uses wud help w the basement issue at humane. The lab is just far too outdated compared to the other businesses around. Maybe a clothing changing station so that people wudnt have to go to rt 68 to get a hazmat suit? or even teleporters to the entry of the closed off rooms in humane? just thoughts.

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