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  • Are there any serious family/maffia's in town?

    Vlad Drucci

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    Some of you might know me from a few years ago, had my own family and i was thinking about getting back into RP'ing. Now i would like to know if there is any maffia families who still operate in the city, and where their "turf" would be. (Don't know if it still works that way but it did when i was still in the city)


    Anyways, i hope we can meet someday and have a great time! 



    Vlad Drucci 

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    I don't think there's many actual mafia families left, it's mostly just gangs with no real purpose. Would be nice to see more families the way it use to be, but I think a lot of them got pushed out by boredom or gangs, or formed their own gangs with no real structure

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    • *Owner

    Pretty accurate and simply explained.
    We would love someone with some organization and willingness to do it right.
    Hope all has been well, Vlad!
    Gangs, most of them, I see are based around repetitive actions, doing the same thing over and over, no thought, no reason.

    So we have no interest in helping any of that progress, we need structure, organization and willingness on the people involved

    to get that type of gang or family to progress into something bigger, like controlling something or an area again.

    Maybe before they are all eventually removed from the community for these actions, some will see the light and try to do better.
    Only time will tell.

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    Nice to see you guys are still open for the idea of a family and all the pro's and con's that come with that.. 😛 Ofcrouse a big thing in keeping it fun is for it to not be repetitive, and not be repetitive for the people who are trying to just live in the city either. That's something i've always stood behind, that we should always deliver good RP without making the other people their lives miserable. 😛 I also think a good maffia/family helps the city out, create more scenario's. Stories to pass on to new faces! It'll take a little while. But i'm willing to take on the challenge of creating one again! 


    P.S.: I've been good Johnson, hope you been doing good also! Appreciate the support homie! ❤️ 

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