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  • Decorating house interior's or exteriors


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    It might be something in the works already but i think adding a shop that people can buy decorations for the inside of there houses would be a great idea. One that adds more businesses to the city and more roleplay which we all love. And 2 it gives people the opportunity to feel like there house is a one of a kind and no one else has looks like there's. It is just a bummer when you go to look at houses and all that matters is the exterior. I think if you were able to add stuff to the interior/exterior it would make the process of buying and selling a lot more enjoyable for the community and honestly create more RP....Side note is also helps people get rid of a lot of money that they have stored up. Any suggestions or feedback is welcomed I'm just curious about it at this point.

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    • *Senior Management

    This is something that i have been attempting to get set up for a while. The idea behind it would be that you would buy for the Exterior of the house, then when you went in it everything would be completely empty except for a preset Storage Location for the house that would be the same for everyone. Then you would get to buy items and decorate the house however you wanted.

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