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    robert brennan

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    yashinoki a.k.a Yash
     I have a idea i want to pitch and manage in the city. So i do videos for alot of events and for shop, ive also had alot of ppl in the city in shorts/music vids and i wanted to expand it to a business that could get my videos seen more and create more rp and jobs in the city. i have 3 locations if possible for any one the movie theater set or  the actual movie theater,these would be locations i would have staff meetings and also present finish projects. I want to create movies ,shorts, commercials etc and have ppl work as paid actors ,also hire more directors as a team, to create films and be able to present everyones work to the public as like event watch parties so everyone can have a chance to be seen and interact and experience the finished product together. Ive seen other citys with a script that allows ppl to cast to tv screens or to theater screens i would like to have tis added for me to create and run this business and hire staff. This will create jobs such as
    *Directors *Cameramen *Actors *stuntmen *prop/equipment handlers and much more.
    this would create a new meeting place for people and create more rp and more interactions plus a brand new field for ppl to work in. All videos will have everyones name in it who worked on it and also all content.

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    • *Senior Management

    I Like this Idea we have the entire movie studio are in the city which gets very little use. Possibly get the Jobs as actual city paid jobs to give more no criminal activities for people to do. I see a lot of potential here.

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