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  • Legal jobs


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    There is eay to much random crime that happens out of context and becouse of money, i feel like there should be more and better paid options for people who wants to stay legal,  


    for example those job center jobs should have different levels like beginner/(new employe) where you get the pay check that we are getting now, and lets say you work at that job and get promoted to general manager and get a new sallery of 5000, and then next chould be like Manager and have a sallery of 15000 and so forth


    Example down below


    Trucker job


    New employe            



    Route manager                         

    Sallary: 5000


    Transport manager



    Company manager





    and lets say you have to do so many jobs in that certain job te get promoted to a higher position

    this whould prevent people turning to crime as easy

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    I would definitely approve of this. Too much unnecessary and out of context robberies, homicides and other kinds of shit happening. Not to mention; metagaming and badly executed gang crime ends in really bad RP, of people remembering shit they shouldn't etc. 

    I'm not against crime in the setting of this server of any kind, it brings action and fun if executed properly. (Wouldn't even have to be executed properly, but atleast in a realistic or even dumb ass funny way would make it more fun and realistic. Just because in this speaking moment, it is in a so bad "tryhard wannabe cold ass gangster way" that its just sad) 


    I believe this would get better if there was another alternative of "CLEAN CASH". in other words, a possibility of earning more than 8 grand for a across the map ride in a rented truck. (i picked this as an example because of Vitos example of a "higher rank" concept).

    Vitos example is a great example of higher ranks, that would be good for this server in the form of building a more realistic community. Achieving this by giving the people of this city a much wider and better payed alternative of jobs.


    And if necessary I will break down the concept in this last bit;

    By giving the habitants of this wonderful city a better variety of legal jobs and a higher rank possibility with better cash involved, it would result in a better community by bringing the percentage of criminals and "dirty jobs" down. I believe more people would actually try to get a good and fun RP experience instead of a constant hustle for cash. It would also help stabilize the economy crisis that is currently going on and help NEW and not to mention MORE PROMISING players to get started in this city. 

    Because of this current state of bad economy and shitty crime I have seen, and I still believe it to this day, is pushing new characters out of town faster than you can say MONEY.


    If some admin or the man himself sees this, I would be happy to come with more examples. Me and the majority of my friends and RP buddies agree with this theory and have a whole idea/concept of work and paychecks. + more ofc.


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    This is a great idea that I think needs to get approved, but I don't think it will honestly because it would take money away from the top by making it a little more even. Like those that want to stay legal wouldn't HAVE TO rely on the millionaires to make money (drugs, etc). 

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    Thats a interesting topic tbh. BUT, there is so many "tops" that sold their shit for almost nothing and quit the server lately. Mostly because of "bad RP" and the reasons listed above. 

    And this should be known: most of my connections in this city doesn't struggle with money, they approve of this (and many other topics we have talked about). From both sides of the law. 


    I strongly believe it would give the city some new life, and make room for new and more promising people looking for good RP. 


    The city has potential. 

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    • 3 months later...

    How about these jobs and professions?

    Bus Drivers

    I know we have EMT but Doctors and Nurses that work in the hospitals and deal with patients and perform operations and give meds and treatment.

    Vendors and beach area and around the city

    Parking lot attendants

    Delivery Drivers

    Truck Drivers 


    More in city jobs will create more of a city feel and stop heavy crim activity for some people. It will also create more rp content for those who truly love to rp.



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    I know we have EMT but Doctors and Nurses that work in the hospitals and deal with patients and perform operations and give meds and treatment.


    Doctors and nurses allready work inside zonah. Not daily but if you need them. We are there more often then you think. 


    Also if you need a Dr. Ask a member of fdny when In city. And they can point you the right way to get a appointment.

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