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  • Medical Marijuana Dispensary - Postal Code: 308

    Billy Flowers

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    Medical Marijuana Dispensary


    Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensary in New York City, New York. Must have a medically prescribed license from a doctor to purchase or possess medical marijuana. Medical Marijuana should come in sealed packaged to be able to differentiate from street weed. We could also color coordinate with bags to tell from different strains or potency thus creating market variety. Medical Marijuana employees must have a license approved by the Department of Justice (D.O.J.) to be employed. Medical Marijuana should give effects of slowly increased environmental healing to be incentivized. This could increase the variety of jobs available in the city and make use of a location that is already implemented. Everyone would greatly appreciate this for the multiple attributes it provides to the city as a whole.

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    As FDNY. We had a full worked out plan for this. But there where more people abusing it. Then using it what it's supposed to be for. 


    Standing in the middle of legion. With 3cops in front of you puffing marijuana smoke in there face... Yeah that's how it gets removed.


    And there where many incidents with it. To the point it became. It's not worth the FDNY's time and effort anymore.


    Therefor the medical marijuana card. Got completely removed 

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