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  • Reworking the 9's


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    I'm throwing this out there.  The 9's are getting OUTTA CONTROL lol.  People are getting the 9's for assault now.  I've been around long enough to see a lot of different variations of the 9's but I have never seen it like this.  The 9's were always reserved for the worst of the worst.  Now, the criminals have to be afraid to do any RP because they might get stuck in a hole for 2 weeks.  The 9's need to be completely reworked.


    Please lets get back to a time when you RP'd a crime, RP'd an arrest, paid the fine, did your time and get rid of this instaperma jailing stuff.

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    3 hours ago, Scott1shR1pper said:

    this here really need some attion people the 9s caes are getting stupid get a speeding ticket on probation boom 9s come on now this whole system can be reworked

    that's the probation system needing a rework I feel like it should be if you commit a felony while on probation then you can get thrown back in for failure to comply with a probation order.


    you also get 9's if its over 10 days of probation which would be fine but if you get arrested for failure to comply with a probation order you get the original plus whatever is left so it can basically double it if you break probation on the first day. If failure to comply with a probation order was just 3 added days of probation and you couldn't get it unless you commit a felony I think it would be fine.

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