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  • Dylan McGloven


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    Dylan McGloven


    D.O.B: 03/10/1993

    Job: Unknown


    Background story: Dylan McGloven is a young male from the north side of New Jersey, where he lived around tons of gang violence.

    After 16 years of living in the projects of New jersey Dylan's father was shot an killed as he left for work early in the morning. While Dylan's morn over his father trying to understand why it happened his mother picked up a drug habit after a couple years of his father being gone, Dylan's mother passed away due to a drug over dose. As he tried to figure out a way of life. He met a guy named James Leatherman who went by ICE, while ICE took Dylan in an shown he the ways of the streets an how to live off of what he can. ICE introduced Dylan to one of the mobsters of the projects, The mobsters went by the name Ron, as Ron took Dylan to meet a guy who went by The Boss, Dylan than took oath to work for the mob for a way of life which lead Dylan down some tough roads an decisions.

    As Dylan gained The Boss, trust he slowly started to move up in the rankings of the mob, Dylan began to see The Boss as a father who he grew very close to an did anything he asked him to, One day Dylan an The Boss went to a meeting that went side ways which ended with the boss getting murder by another mob family, as this affected Dylan with a lot of anger he took to himself to be come a hitman an look for the people that placed the hit on his Boss.

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