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  • ATM's

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    Hello devs and citizens just an idea of being able to break into atm machines around the city whether its inside a business or on the outside of a building. And the police would get ATM alerts when someone breaking into one. Could use a variety of tools that are already in the city to break into them.

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    I myself think this is a great idea, i know they claim we have tons of crim but in all honeslty what do we have banks and drugs and stores seem to broken atm i think this would be a great idea

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    i think there could be 2 ways of doing it. either break into it or hack it. one way could set off an alarm for PD that its being broken into. Other could be like a silent alarm pd would get.

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    +1 I really like this idea. I like the idea what you said with the two ways. The first, loud and obvious, sends an immediate alert to police, and you must have a crowbar. The second, a quiet, hacking device. If you fail, it sends an alert, if you succeed, no alert, you get the money. To counter an obvious hacking animation, make ATMs use the /e atm emote. IDK why it's not already incorporated.

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