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  • Add a Tow/Mech Vest.


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    • *Management

    Hello Beautiful people of BCRP, Hope everyone is doing well. 

    Today i bring you a suggestion that i have been talking about for a while and have had ran my idea by a few of the mechs. 
    After there was the recent update of the new clothes which are amazing, Unfortunately many mechs/tows are left with only selectively few options that they can wear on duty especially for Female workers. 

    Adding a vest that says Tow or Mech on the back like one PD/FDNY has would be amazing alternative for the current vest ( Picture Attached ) or Just a neon green or Orange vest which says nothing in the back. Another great thing about that vest If you are on a coffee break not ready to take calls or on a 5min poop break Just take the vest off and take rest!!! 

    This Vest will also add a heap of other clothing options they can wear on duty for both male and females. I understand not all shops wear a vest but i think adding this vest would push more shops to wear a vest.

    Thank you for your time to read through this and please leave your opinions below. 

    Thank you 


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    ANSI class 2 high visibility retroreflective traffic safety vests are an absolute necessity for not only first responders, but also any personnel operating in the public roads so it is imperative for safety and PESH compliance that we take care of our tow drivers.

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    • *Management

    I agree with all this. Mech and tow definitely deserves a vest that they can change to a mechanic or a tow. It will allow them to notice and just makes it look much more professional in my opinion. 

    Allow them to take it off and on via the command 

    /vest it will take it off

    /vest again to wear it. 

    Should be sick.

    Thank you devs for everything you do

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