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  • On The Spot RP Organizations


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    I often see a lot of people wanting to RP different companies, (Fumigators, exterminators, security guards, construction workers, metal workers, bus drivers, etc.)

    They're in a population of players that aren't exactly big enough to form their own organization or have it recognized by the government. Furthermore, many of them simply want to try an RP experience out and give something new to the city that probably won't last indefinitley.


    I think they should be given a chance to show off their RP prowess, but there are some hoops to solve.


    Number one, legality. Police and EMS and DOJ will be questioning if someone has the permit to be a bus driver. I believe some sort of Discord Channel should show if someone has been approved by management to act as a bus driver on that specific character. For example, Joe Bob wants to be a bus driver. He tells senior management his idea and RP that he plans to bring. He is given a license and a note is made that Joe Bob is a licensed bus driver. He has to follow the RP routes.


    Of course, the moment he commits a crime he will lose the license or suffer the charges, but he can for the time being act within the capacity of a bus driver.



    Number Two, approval by management. This is a tough one, similar to RP scenario creation. How do you know someone isn't using this for their own game? Well, I think adding on that PD will have a record of this person to affirm their status, this should be specifically given to people with granted access. Similar to how small business permits are given by DOJ, I think bus permits and construction permits should be obtainable and be easily accessed by police.


    Number Three, evolution. If an RP job or company evolves and gains traction, perhaps further tools can be given. But for the meantime, players should rely on their own creativity to make the RP.


    My biggest concern with people trying to RP their own construction worker detail or bus driver is that we have too many people that use it to mess with cops and it ends up getting taken away. Creating a list of verified drivers that want to actually do this RP will separate them from the people that should definitely be banned from driving a bus. 

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    there was a rp channel for that i think and it got removed cus of meta but i feel like planing rp is definately the way to go like instead of just murdering someone u can plan it out  and create a unique rp experiance which essentially makes ur character more unique. but it definately would be nice to have a less generic rp experiance from time to time ]


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    • *Senior Management

    As a cop, if you are attempting to do something story wise and actually create RP and RP that you have the documentation , etc.


    95% of the time Ill go along with it, and honestly; So will a lot of cops. I pulled over someone a bit ago who had the vinewood tour bus, with a kidnapped person in the back. They roleplayed out that they had an entire route, hot spot destinations, pricing on tickets, rental papers of the van, business venture etc, and we let them go.


    Unfortunately, its the people who take those vehicles (Bugsters, exterminators, etc) and go rob stores and banks and say "Oh we are just fumigating the place" that really do ruin it.

    22 hours ago, GhastlySquash said:

    If an RP job or company evolves and gains traction, perhaps further tools can be given. But for the meantime, players should rely on their own creativity to make the RP.

    i absolutely love this line, so many people come to us with these thought out ideas and this and that and what they want to do, we are are like, Great! This sounds great! Go on with it!


    then its ... well i need this and i need this and i want this item and i want this vehicle and i want this business and the list goes on.

    Then we tell them, hey listen, go RP how you want to start it up and basically prove to us that you want to do this and you are going to stick with it, they might do it for a week or so, then it dies out.



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    The police don't let u rp anything thats not a job in the city. In the past. The last set of officers and many will agree was very rp heavy. This set we have now. Are the worst. You try to rp. A vehicle and obviously its stolen because its ( for example) busters service. Your gonna get locked up. Cause they want the win. Facts

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    Have a story and tell your story.


    I do this alot. And the amount of things i get away with. Is amazing.

    My record on my crim should have been 3times as long as it truly is. 


    Its all about the attitude amd the way you present yourself.


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