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  • Cinematic Bars fix

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    • *Management

    Hello everybody!

    It's your favourite guy in a box.


    Today I'd like to push for a fix to the cinematic bars.

    As you can see from this image (Don't mind the black box in the chat)


    There's various elements that are not hidden while cinematic mode is enabled.


    1. The chat bar (Top Left)

    2. Your current cash (Top right)
    3. Your meters and chat status (Bottom left)

    4. The FiveM build information (Bottom right)


    Currently this can look a bit broken if cinematic is enabled so my suggestion/request is to put the cinematic mode IN FRONT of all these elements so they're hidden. Chat can be temporarily hidden if you disable it but if you attempt to type anything in there, it'll just come right back.


    I'm a massive fan of the cinematic bars and it's a really cool feature.

    However when the cinematic bars look overlayed by everything else, it just looks borked.




    Thank you for taking the time to read this

    /me drops mic.

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