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    Hello everyone 

    Im want to suggest to have a transport vehicle and it commes in a nice little and cute pakage called the "mule"
    My sugestion is that this vehicle would be able to cary 500 or 1000 pounds of cargo 
    And wil be able to be purchased for the store in sandy . ( preferebly for a pricepiont between 1 million and 10 million )

    But !
    Its a small comercial vehicle and thus elligeble to be searched at any time by any nypd officer 
    IRL both in usa and europe any truck can be pulled over for no reason and searched to check if they are transporting acording to their cargo manifest . in the usa they usualy do this at weigh in stations  . and in europe usualy around borders or police checkpoints . and from experience in germany/netherlands/france  they just do it everywhere

    Why / Why the mule ?
    -The mule because its been driven localy allot and its already ingame , its also nice and small and realy well balanced in speed
      ontop of that it can be towed by our current towtruck  ( me and James brody have testest this )
    - Its handy having a truck that holds that much and can blend in when u carying  a truckload of drugs . but it should be risky as IRL its risky moving that much drugs in a truck as wel .
    - It should solve the problem of people having these police vehicles for their trunk space and help mechanics/ other business related ventures with storage problems 

    sorry for my grammer/ spelling / sentence structure but this is the best i can do 





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    This is something the city and community needs imo. When a cig weighs a pound same with a donut etc. As a business owner we move large amounts of products, from anti freeze to scrap, and buy in bulk Donuts Sprunk etc. If were going to go for realistic then either equalize out the weight system or give us something to move the weight. Right now it borders on not fun tedious non RP to move bulk, but a Mule to load up and get the job done would be grand, and imo would open up alot of rp. Being able to buy and own of these would be amazing, being able to rent one of these when needed would also be great. 


    As far as the cop cars, I feel its great thought out rp to transfer large amounts of weight Coke and Meth etc with cop cars. And ironic, you have to admire the punch line hahaha


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