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  • Shturman Ivanov (Штурман Иванов)


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    Shturman "Red"  Ivanov was born in the small town of Uglich (Углич) to a middle class family with generations of military history. His cold-war era MiG pilot father named him Shturman, which translates to "Navigator" in a symbolic gesture of leadership and pathfinding. Through secondary school, Shturman participated in the Russian Cadet Corps and quickly became a rising star. He enlisted in the Russian Air Force at the age of 18 and quickly rose to the rank of commander. He was assigned to the 337th Independent Helicopter Regiment, where he flew an Mi-28N attack helicopter with his gunner: Lt. Commander Reshala Molokova. Together, they had thousands of flight hours in several theatres of combat. Most notably, the Syrian Battle of Palmyra in 2016 where they were credited with incapacitating three insurgent self propelled artillery pieces and neutralizing more than 20 foot soldiers at low altitude to rescue a pinned down Russian Spec-Ops unit in the outskirts of Tadmur, Syria.
    Unfortunately, during a classified wet work operation Shturman was framed into attacking a friendly convoy destroying an APC carrying two top brass Russian Colonels that were to testify against the Russian Federation for war crimes in the middle east. Reshala and Shturman were arrested once they landed, but together they managed to escape captivity and flee the country.
    Fearing retaliation of the Russian deep state, Shturman fled to the US under an alias and finally found residence in the state of New York. His asylum however, has not gone unnoticed by US officials. He has been closely monitored by the CIA since his entry and continues to elude detection to this day. 
    His military training and hardware expertise has proven useful in the vices of New York, and he often accepts odd paramilitary and private security contracts under the guise of a taxi cab driver. He loves the heat of any chase and is just as skilled of a driver as he was a pilot, which made him a valuable asset to the local criminal organizations. He is often favored for his no-questions-asked services and his efficiency under pressure (and his love for explosions).


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