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    Today I get stabbed during a traffic stop.  I see the suspect pulled out a knife I draw my gun and back up and have him at gunpoint suspect charges at me and well I fire a couple rounds striking him.  I am not gonna go full letting off my pistol with many shots because I am in legion square I struck him a couple times and afer he stabbed me he went to go get medical himself driving away..   Now this person as soon as I pulled them over their friend pulls up in front of the traffic stop and starts to be apart of the traffic stop I tell him to leave the scene lol who pulls up in front of a traffic stop?  Ok anyways I get stabbed at this traffic stop by the suspect.  I get helped by FDNY medic and  after I got out of pillbox the person who stabbed me who I did get identification from was arrested by PD and was at MRPD waiting for me.  


    This suspect once I got down to MRPD took about I say 15 mins acting as if he was on drugs or something.  I called down FDNY to come look at him  FDNY comes down he bites the medic and then passes out FDNY takes the time to check out the suspect and somehow the suspect had notes in his pocket about him being mentally ill.  The suspect awakens like 15-20 mins later saying he does not know what happened and if I could just sign and release him.  I told him his charges and why he was being charged etc and made it clear to him that he knew right from wrong.  Suspect gets upset and asks for a supervisor lol I radioed in for one and supervisors are busy I tell him that and he would have to wait for one to be available.  Well to keep story short.  Suspect wanted me to sign and release him after he just stabbed me an officer and bit a FDNY medic.   He was upset I didnt sign and release him.  He came into my stream saying how he was gonna take this to court lol.  I was shocked that a person brought something from in city to my stream.   I did hit the report button and staff took care of him/the situation.  Thank you!!


    Not just this but the simple fact that if you stab an officer in legion square at a traffic stop and you choose to bite a FDNY medic down in the MRPD cells that person should honestly expect that they would be sent to jail/prison for time.  Do the time if you commit the crime.  Dont expect sign and release hell I dont even think I can sign and release anyways unless for good reasons and cleared by CoC to do so!

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    • *Owner

    Its honestly disgusting to see people like this in the community. Well  hopefully it was just a random and not someone that has put time in here.

    But regardless, no one deserves to have to deal with crap like this and the few people that do this shit need to either smarten up or we need to get rid of them.

    I see the future getting much better here as the days go on, the amount of bans has also increased, at some point it will show how the community members that care along with staff have cleaned this place up and turned things around for the better!


    Please just keep reporting and working with staff to eliminate issues such as this from ever happening again.


    Thank you for all you do!

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    this bullshit happens too much and thats why cops are never on people just want excuses to shoot and stab even in a joke fist fight people pull out fucking knives and guns its frustrateing that people cant be normal

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