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    This is just me but if you lower the inflation of products it'll stop everyone having to do crimes to make money, when you have events that cost a whopping 10k to get into. Look I'm doing my part I sell alcohol exclusively and I sell them cheaper in bulk orders which is about $40 to $80 a bottle and retail I set it at $140 based on a normal value sold if you took it to the Club/VU. The difference being is you have a guy trying to make a honest living at honest rates and you have everyone else charging in the quintuple to nontuple digits. How are new arrivals supposed to compete when the ceiling is way too high. It makes trying to make a honest job not even worth the time and money.


    Even if there were new jobs, and were a CEO, its like you got to run your own racket or do something illegal to keep it afloat. How can I make a honest living if everyone just prefers to be a bunch of robbers and gangsters? I made new friends and soon after they knew how to bring in bulk drugs I get left by the wayside. Because I don't do drugs for a living in the city. Like thanks dude, money is on your mind and not me anymore, thanks.


    The problem is everyone wants to 'win' and nobody wants to take a loss. I sat with at length with other players who feel the exact same and have made notions to just leave New York to better pastures, because there is just nothing to do in the city other than be ingeminating in legion. Well there is, but with how inflation is those jobs never got a price hike so people just don't do them anymore unless they sell them at 12 times the price in events. People are going to exploit the jobs that make the most money, I get that, because if you don't make things that entertain them even when its a loss then you'll just have a bunch of millionaires playing cops and robbers. I mean c'mon I go to high stakes in GTAO and the opening is 1000 you get it on here and its 10million.


    But the same can be said for the Civ's, I get asked, "Why not sell gun parts" or etc. Because deep down my character is a southern boy. He was raised right with moral values, its his character not to harm others. His family was based on old cooking traditions and loves to cook food. Beverages especially, just because he "cooks" doesn't mean he should cook meth. But most importantly if you want people to stop doing illicit jobs then give them a reason to pick up a honest one instead. Want people to actually RP without being a thug or a ganger popping off a gun for fun, then make it where people earn wages. If they don't want to spend 599999minutes in jail, and spout gamer words and go OOC with a disrespectful attitude then give them reason not to want to do illicit jobs to throw them in there. If you inflate the cars, guns and properties least you can do is bump the wages for those actually doing honest work.

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    And to further my point, I've streamed the city on multiple days in the last few weeks and have had multiple people try to meet with me in the city to give me a meta donation, ask me what my Id was, etc. and I've denied them. Not is it against the rules, but for me, I set a goal for myself and want to earn it honestly, and when I reach that goal any money I make is just money to spend at the casino. Or to buy supplies to help others I might come across with a car out of gas or a vehicle that needs a repair kit, or a wandering soul in need of food and water.

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