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    I would like to start a Topic about some changes that would improve hunting, Im not sure if alot of people still hunt in the city but i know i love to go up their and hunt when im off duty on my cop to chill and relax. Here are a few things i have notice when im hunting, while hunting their a bug where you cant harvest the animal you kill this forces you to drive all the way back and get off hunting and get back on.


    Improvements to Hunting

    Bug fix- fix it so you can harvest the animal when you shoot it


    Quantity of meat- Getting 1 meat per animal kill feels a little low since it takes 2 meat to make a burger at burger shot, i think it would be neat to be-able to the animal carcass so you then can take that down to a butcher and get different meat types of meats so you can take to bugershot and make burgers.


    Hunting license- I think adding a hunting license would bring more RP if we can get hunting better for Cops and people that want to hunt legal or for people that want to become a poachers.


    Butcher Job- Having a butcher job would be nice to have a place to take the meat and sell it or take your carcass and get it cut up so you can then sell it to burger shot or make burgers yourself. I know we have the old butcher down south by the docks but having a job it could bring more legal jobs to the city.


    State Police- ever since the Sp merge with NYPD awhile back their are a hand full of people that still rock the Sp uniform i feel if we get the hunting license on the server it would bring RP to pd cause then Sp could Drive up to the hunting grounds and make sure these people are hunting legally.


    These are some few ideas i have had for awhile and i would love to see what other people from the community thanks so maybe we could make hunting better. I might be one of few people that love to hunt and relax so i can make money shots for my cop theirs not many actives for a person that don't want to commit crimes.

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