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    Hey I’m Robbie Thorton, I am starting this group to be diffrent from the others in the city. As of now we are a small 3 man crew with the knowledge and skills to be a top team in the city but also under radar, we are not about that gun play unless we need to be we prefer to use our hands and words over guns, I am looking for others in the city new or veterans that are looking for a change in your life style, always getting killed at legion ? Always being robbed or tossed of a bridge? Why put your self in that situation when you could be hanging with your new family that won’t let that happen and you will be out of site out of mind.. we have two location around the city were we meet and it’s a drama free zone.


    1. Hands before triggers 

    2. Respect others as you wish to be treated. 
    3. Once your in you have a oath to stand to and uphold and if not then see rule 1.... 


    if you wanna join hit me up in the city on Twitter or here also if you are serious about joining and can’t afford your bike we might be able to help you and bike or buggy will be fine and also once patched in you will have a dress code as well 

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