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  • How to Record with OBS Studio

    Jack Weasley

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    • *Management

    Hello, alright tonight I wanna show a lot of people who want to record the important moment in game. Weather just to show off or when staff ask for any video proof in TeamSpeak support. I honestly love OBS Studio when I am streaming. There is a feature called Replay Buffer which works same as NVIDIA Instant Replay. So I thought why not share both tutorial. There are tons of detailed tutorial how to use OBS Studio Instant Replay. 

    To download use this link https://obsproject.com/download just download then install it. 
    Now I highly suggest if you wanna actually use OBS Studio then Please search in Youtube How to record gameplay with OBS Studio, you will find tons and tons of tutorials. 

    You also need to understand not everyones PC is same so my setting might not work for you and your setting might not work for me. So Look up tutorial but now i will just show you how to use the Instant replay.


    Once you downloaded and installed and learned how to add source/scene all those fun stuff now follow this steps:

    1. Click on Setting setting.png.6e7223d9a3a8c60779235239bf6d130b.png
    2. Click on Output           out.png.71f7f3b7ca6e88203a797fd5a4d58db1.png
    3. Click on Replay Buffer and Check mark the Box "Enable Replay Buffer" buffer.png.9c08d99b1392fd9299ff96891c47dd4c.png
    4. Now here comes the Important part, you need to Choose how much or how many minute you want to save which you gotta input as second. I use 300sec which means 5 minutes. So if you wanna have 3 min just do 60x3=180 second so do the math and put the time. Click on Apply and Ok. 
    5. Open up setting again and Click on General gen.png.955626f168c91b9a08d5d03a22d97411.png and Check mark "Automatically Start replay buffer when streaming". I like it because i use it during my stream.  Click Apply.
    6. Click on Output output.png.602e7b533efbe6e44e4ce68e083c43f2.png Click on recording Tab then Click on Recording Path where you can customize where you want those saved Video to be. path.png.e2eb3dc89dd2a917aec4a35b10b7f6dd.png
    7. You also have a option what recording format you want your file (Video) to be. You can choose MP4 or whatever i have mine on MKV. Click apply.
    8. Go to Videos vid.png.f737f739e124dc1d5cb56029628430b0.png Try putting this same setting as mine fp.png.6c0956544416ce9e081d164bf13fc8f3.png sometime it might not work but you gotta play around with it and see which gives you a smooth recording. Click Apply.
    9. Now go to Hotkey key.png.0deefa7e7719d2984f3ac12298b60f79.png  then find Replay Buffer Section blind.png.a568a4dccf2c502d7eb0dc2cda36ea32.png just type out anything you would want, i have mine on Numpad 0 which is right next to my hand so its easy. Click Apply and Ok. And this is pretty much it. 

    Finally Go to OBS and Click on Start replay Buffer rep.png.5f73bd3259509d9d61a8b33637338e51.png now whenever no matter what games you playing you just press that Button and OBS will save that exact past 5 min from past to your chosen folder.  


    Again dont forget to watch tutorial i used to watch a lot now im just too good with obs i dont wanna get into it but you know ; ) the more you learn about OBS Studio the better you can Control it. Its that easy. 

    Once you Press the Save Button to save the clip, then On the top left it says File Click on it and click Show Recordings and boom the folder will open and you will see the video you just saved. 

    Any other question comment down below or anything useful just add it down in comment. ‚̧ԳŹ



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