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  • How to Record with NVIDIA Shadow Play

    Jack Weasley

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    Alright Alright Alright,

    Past couple months I have seen and learned not a lot of people dont know how to record your gameplay or any ingame moments, sometime you are asked in our TeamSpeak support for clips/proofs. Now dont worry you will learn how to record/save them in your PC without actually recording any video. It calls Instant Replay . 

    You must have a RTX or GTX Card in your system. This will work if you have the Shadowplay downloaded and installed in your PC. Here is the Link where you can download it from 



    Open up Geforce experince https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/geforce-experience/download/ download that, click on setting tool and enable in game overlay that way the overlay menu can be opened even when you are in game. (https://gyazo.com/23d3eb6f5ab8bc08eedbc8a108c33e01)

    Once you downloaded and installed, Press Alt+Z. You will see a menu pop up on your screen. Which looks like this geforece.thumb.png.0a6908ca1ceeaf30266498b6d98edeb6.png

    Now Click on the Setting Tool on the right side tool.png.dca2281e5839c3dcf75f4a35ea2fe38a.png

    Now click on Video Capture vidcap.png.1b3c1214b02d0494721e4bca569355a6.png

    Now Choose a time frame, how long do you want to save, i usually choose mine at 5 min which is perfect. 

    Now choose Quality, it totally depends on how good/bad is your PC


    And then I just keep the last two option as it is


    Now click on Back or press ESC then press Alt+Z again and click Setting again, Click on Recording and choose a destination/folder where you want your clips to be saved. Meaning I chose mine in Local Disk :F then created a folder and i choose that.


    Now CLick on Keyboard Shortcut short.png.95a6dd2212f17f30bc163a3f0fa8144d.png

    Then Choose any key from here which as soon as you press the Key it will save past 5 or whatever minute you chose to save. 


    Now Last but not least finally Press Alt+Z and Click on Instant Replay and click Turn on. From now anytime you press the Hotkey you created it will save last 5 or 6 or any min you chose to save. 
    I personally love this because you dont always need to turn on recording which will take up lot of unnecessary space in your hard drive and you dont want that. So turning this feature on will be life saver. 
    then to find the Saved Clip is really easy. 

    First press Alt+Z Click on Gallery gal.png.61e8d08426640a7d83ad21a19a18393a.png

    now wait for the saved video to load up once you see it click on it and click Open File Location. aaaaaand booom 

    if you wanna upload it and share the clip use this https://streamable.com/upload-video i personally use it a lot. 

    Any question or any other tips i missed please comment down that way others can follow up and benefit from it.

    Edited by Jack Weasley
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