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  • How to Use TeamSpeak (For New People)

    Jack Weasley

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    • *Management

    Hello there peeps, 
    I have seen a lot of people that dont know or never used teamspeak before and most of the time struggles joining our TeamSpeak Server. 
    Worry not my friend, today Im gonna guide you through so you can go any channel that you need to in the TeamSpeak. 

    1. First you need to download TS from here https://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads/ click on it choose 32bit or 64bit whichever is your system running on. (Most are 64)
    2. Once you finish download then install it and open it.
    3. Now Click on Bookmark bookmark.png.6c6c70e3f82900ac25d073964f1acab8.png
    4. Click on Manage Bookmark 
    5. Click on Add Bookmark addbookmarrk.png.4c6f4ff2f31622959b43945d898cb7bd.png
    6. On the right it says Bookmark Name, you can just write anything that will help you know which server you want to go. For example you can type name.png.04d08ac466d56ea9ace4074df55432b9.png Bigcityrp
    7. The box below it is Nickname, you can put any name you wish. I put my character name nickname.png.b7aa988ad74ac86035931f8a552a80f3.png which is Jack Weasley. 
    8. The box below it says Server Nickname/Address, you need to type bigcityrp.com  1751287904_ipbcrp.png.a18c7e433558d8fa66531e12fa35757f.png
    9. You dont have to type anything for the password.
    10.  Then last click apply and ok. 
    11. Now to connect to the server just click on Bookmarks again and click on the server name meaning BigcityRP, you will be connected to Main Lobby channel.mainlob.png.305f8db10a46628bcdd44630324e6449.png
    12. From there you can double click on any channel to join.

    Now Comes the Voice Part 

    1. Now Click on Tools from the bar tools.png.8d0adc206a8f77a221467d513654d681.png
    2. Click on options from all the way at the bottom
    3. cap.png.97084f471d64e52e6ce1aa8f61abc8ae.pngClick on Capture 
    4. Click on Capture Device and make sure you select your correct microphone capdev.png.885b2ffcaf06b68aed94858fbd7adbf3.png
    5. Click on Push to talk and you can click on set more hotkeys if you need to but the default key for push to talk is Caps Lock pushtotalk.png.36de118d1a8825fee096ec0aca1263be.png
    6. Click on Apply and Ok.
    7. Sometime you wont be able to hear people in TS for that make sure click on Playback then Playback Device and choose the correct Device. 
    8. Then apply and Ok and you are all good to go!


    There is your How to Use Teamspeak guide! 
    Im definitely not the pro in this but if there is anything i missed comment down that way other who will read this will know that as well. 

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