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    I've never played this server before but my friend recommended to me so I went to go see and play it. However it says that I was evading an officer or helping my friend evade one by talking to them and something about 168 times reading the rules, I've never played this so I don't know why I'm banned. My steamhex is 11000013769958e

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    I think joinging the teamspeak for BigcityRP would work best.  And then you can talk to a admin there and they can help you see why you was ban.  Evading a officer?  Ooooo whats the word they used to say all the time I am trying to remember it.   Code 0.  If you code 0 when you get caught that could be why you was ban thats what they mean by evading a officer.  Unless you did something else too to evade the officer.  I would join the teamspeak and talk to the admins.  Good luck!

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