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  • Realistic Money Laundering

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    I feel the system in place for money laundering is a bit outdated and could be fixed to make more sense.


    With the exception of finding a dye pack, you can't really find "dirty money" or "red money". In essence, what usually happens in money laundering is more complex but I think it could be simplified even further.


    Have ATMS and banks give notifications when a player deposits too much money. Most cars and other large products are already only available through through the bank account.


    It would also give criminals the need to establish fronts. If they are depositing tons of money, they will need a business to justify it to the police. I see this creating RP as well.


    All in all, it could be a better way for both cops and criminals to role play. 

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    This is something that definitely needs some updating. The best thing that can be used to create greater interaction is establishing an rp barrier for mechanics. Currently the whole money laundering system is far too inclined to grinding. Instead putting some sort of barrier in order to force people (who would have just no-life grinded through money) to interact with that barrier. 

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    Kinda like an IRS system 🤔 If you are depositing more money that It makes sense for you to make from your job then perhaps an alert is sent.
    This wouldnt be something the police would look into. It would likely have to be some other government entity.

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