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  • How Custom plates work


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    • *Owner

    Custom plates are cool I guess, its a way to make something of yours unique.  But the point of this post is to help people who have plates understand how they work and avoid any issues in the future.

    Think of your license plate on your vehicle as an identifier.

    This plate is attached to your data, your steam hex and you CANNOT EVER have 2 of the same plates at the same time.

    If you have (2) of the SAME plates at anytime, it will trigger a ban. The system will assume you are trying to change the model of that vehicle to something else.


    So each person can only have (1) steam hex identifier in game, the same thing with vehicles, you can only have 1 vehicle with that plate on it.

    Now it is possible to see others with the same plate and that's totally fine. As long as that person does not have a duplicate plate at all.

    All your plates need to be unique to avoid triggering a ban and auto deleting the vehicle with the duplicate plate.


    All plates need to be 8 characters long. Not less then 8 and certainly not more then 8. (8 characters only)

    No special characters like ~`@#$%^&*()_-+={[}]|\:;"'<,>.?/ or spaces, everything needs to be CAPITAL letters/numbers only


    I hope this clears up some issues we recently had.


    Thank you



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